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Fire is a common cause of property damage to homes. Fire is often the result in the destruction of many years of hard work and savings. When your property is damaged by fire, it is important that you pursue the full amount of compensation allowed by your homeowners policy.

Schwartz Goldstone & Campisi, LLP represents the interests of homeowners, business owners and others who have had property damaged by fire.We help our clients recover the money they need to repair, rebuild or move on after an encounter with serious fire damage.

Many people who file damage claims find that their insurers are unwilling to pay the requested amounts. Sometimes, this happens because the insurer is looking for an easy way to save money. Other times, the insurer suspects that the insured person is exaggerating the damage or lying about how the fire was caused.

Retain Schwartz Goldstone & Campisi, LLP, and we will work to prove the cause of your fire, use photos and records to establish the replacement values of what was lost, and pursue those amounts zealously - whether in court, in settlement negotiations, or in court-ordered arbitration or mediation. We can also pursue compensation for living expenses while you are displaced from your home.

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